Purple Ribbon Beef

Purple Ribbon Beef is dedicated to providing premium beef to your table.  Our beef tastes better because we pay attention to the little details as every animal is born on our farm and in our care until we deliver them to the local processor. All the animals have corn-fed diet which results in a more tender and tastier beef. In addition, when the beef is processed it is dry-aged 10-14 days. The dry-aged process allows the beef to increase in tenderness and a more beefy flavor than compared to the beef in grocery stores that is not dry-aged.

Shipping Nationwide from our Family Farm!

Chuck Roast on the Smoker

Chuck Roast on the Smoker

Beef Chuck Roast on the Smoker

We love to use our Traeger Smoker for as many different beef cuts as we can! One of our favorites is our Beef Chuck Roast. It is a perfect cut for the low and slow and the smoker adds some great flavors.  We know once you try this you will love it too. 


Let us know when you try it in the comments! 







  1.  Unthaw a Chuck Roast and rub on mustard
  2.  Season with Meat Church Holy Cow seasoning
  3. Place in Traeger Grills  smoker on smoke for4- 6 hours then turned up to 225 degrees and took meat to internal temperature to 165 degrees
  4. Let rest wrapped in butcher paper for 20-30 minutes and then in a cooler until ready to serve.
  5. Then slice and enjoy!


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