Purple Ribbon Beef

Purple Ribbon Beef is dedicated to providing premium beef to your table.  Our beef tastes better because we pay attention to the little details as every animal is born on our farm and in our care until we deliver them to the local processor. All the animals have corn-fed diet which results in a more tender and tastier beef. In addition, when the beef is processed it is dry-aged 10-14 days. The dry-aged process allows the beef to increase in tenderness and a more beefy flavor than compared to the beef in grocery stores that is not dry-aged.

Winner's Circle

This program allows you to have variety of meat delivered to you monthly along with being able to have behind the scenes access to Purple Ribbon Beef.  Let us do the shopping for you! All of the meat will fit in your freezer and we will provide you with cuts based on the season. More steaks in the summer and roasts in the summer. We will make adjustments based on preferences.  

Two levels- Both levels will always receive ground beef

  • Gold: a minimum of 10 lbs a month $100
    • Example of  Box
      • 1 pkg of Ribeyes
      • 1 pkg of Flat Irons
      • 1 pkg of Brats
      • 2 pkg of Burgers
      • 4 lbs of Ground Beef
      • 1 pkg of Sticks
      • 1 pkg of Jerky
  • Silver: a minimum of 5 lbs a month $50
    • Example of  Box
      • 1 pkg of Flat Irons
      • 1 pkg of Brats
      • 1 pkg of Burgers
      • 3 lbs of Ground Beef
      • 1 pkg of Sticks
      • 1 pkg of Jerky
  • Deliveries available to Clear Lake, Ames, Fort Dodge, Belmond and Clarion Monthly. Deliveries will take place the second-third  week of the month. You will be notified of the schedule once you sign up
  • To sign up call or email us
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